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Club Distance

400m swim / 13.2km ride / 4.4 km run

Individual or Team

Super Sprint Distance

200m swim / 10km ride / 2.2 km run

Individual or Team

Unsure about doing the swim?

No problem! If on the day you don't feel like getting in the water, you will have the option to sit out the swim and race a duathlon instead.


5-6 year olds

500m ride / 200m run (duathlon)

7-9 year olds

2km ride / 600m run (duathlon)

10-13 year olds

100m swim / 3km ride / 900m run

(swim optional)

Kids ride and run on paths (not roads) and safety is our top priority. 12-13 year olds who are confident swimmers and riders can  enter the adult race.


There's more than just racing!

  • Kids entertainment

  • Blow-up basketball & games

  • Sausage sizzle

  • Lucky door prizes


Still have questions?

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