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Our story

The Illawarra Triathlon Club is committed to the promotion and participation of people in swimming, riding and running activities as part of a healthy lifestyle. The Illawarra Triathlon Club provides opportunity for athletes at all levels. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable athlete experience through participation and to encourage all athletes to reach their competitive potential in the sport.


Our Club has been established since 1988 and we encourage anyone who would like to participate in triathlon to come along and join our racing or training events. We also encourage families to become involved in our club and the social aspect of triathlon.


We offer affordable membership packages and our training and racing calendar provides opportunities all year round. During summer we have triathlon events, aquathons and club training rides. Our focus in winter is on duathlons and running. There are also a range of social activities throughout the year to encourage members to get to know each other, introduce their families to the club and to form friendships and training partners.


As a volunteer based club we are passionate about the sport of triathlon and look at ways of providing a memorable experience for our athletes.

Life members

Name (Year presented)

Rowan Allnut (2003)

Peter Asher (2003)

Brian Baird (2004)

Hans Battaerd (2004)

Gareth Buckley (2004)

Cheryl Battaerd (2005)

Des Comer (2010)

Bob Scott (2013)

Katrina van Gils (2013)

Steve van Gils (2013)

Carolyn Dews (2015)

Jenny Simpson (2018)

Doug Simpson (2018)

Steven Newman (2019)

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