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​​Conditions of Entry to Events - COVID-19


The Illawarra Triathlon Club is committed to following COVID-19 rules and guidelines set out by NSW Health. The club aims to keep ITC members and the general public safe and free from coronavirus infection.


The following are conditions of entry for Illawarra Triathlon Club events in relation to COVID-19 rules and guidelines. Attendees at events must adhere to these mandatory control measures.


  • When not to attend events:

    • If you are unwell

    • If you have had close contact with a positive tested person

    • If you have tested positive

  • Regular use of hand sanitiser throughout the event

  • Practise social distancing at all times during the event

  • Keep a cough covered

  • Do not share equipment

  • Download the CovidSafe app if not already done so

  • Competitors only in transition area

  • Attendees at the event are encouraged to wear a face mask while in event registration and common transition area

COVID-19 Information Websites


NSW Health - General Information

NSW Health – Latest covid-19 case Locations and Alerts in NSW

NSW Health – Covid-19 Testing Advice

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