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Social Exercise Activities

Some of our members meet for various runs, swims, rides, and other activities.

Even if you know better, you’re probably conjuring up images of whippet-thin triathletes in lycra, training for hours at a pace you couldn’t even hope to sustain for 30 seconds!

Not everyone runs / swims / rides to race and we are fine with that.

We don't compel people to turn up. It's flexible and everyone just comes as and when they can.

You'll find that we are welcoming and supportive people.

It can be daunting showing up to your first session, but we are such a friendly and inclusive crew you’ll quickly be wondering what you were so worried about, and we promise you won’t get left behind. You can socialise afterwards too :)

So you are looking forward to making new friends, meeting loads of like-minded people, letting off steam, having a chat, getting some extra motivation, having fun?

Find out more by emailing

Note that the social exercise activities are not official club activities.

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